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- Cloak & Daggers a laid back but busy corp with opportunities in all areas, especially isk earning. C ...2010.11.22 09:42:00
- Cloak & Daggers are always looking for pilots who want to enjoy a game, with RL considerations a pri ...2010.11.22 09:39:00
- *usual recruiting drivel deleted* Cloak & Daggers are a reasonably active bunch with some big frien ...2010.11.22 09:35:00
- another one in the pot for you to look at Recruiting thread :Cloak & Daggers Killboard : Killboard ...2010.11.20 17:23:00
- No guarantees that we are what you are looking for, but fyi :Cloak and Daggers ...2010.11.20 15:50:00
- Another little gem to add to the pile that you have to wade through. Check us out here: Cloak and Da ...2010.11.20 15:42:00
- Feel free to drop by our chat channel, did I mention it is C&D Recruitment? If we are in channel we ...2010.11.20 15:37:00
- A gentle pointer in our direction ; Linkage. and a linky to our killboard so you cab see we can back ...2010.11.20 11:32:00
- I know there are a lot more people out there dying to chat, so DO IT! drop by C&D recruitment channe ...2010.11.20 11:26:00
- Cloak & Daggers are open for new applicants, our recruitment thread is here : http://www.eveonline.c ...2010.11.18 21:08:00
- must be what she is wearing at the moment, no offence intended ...2010.11.18 21:04:00
- Edited by: hybug on 18/11/2010 20:58:37 Or even better, come fly with Cloak and Daggers Our thread ...2010.11.18 20:57:00
- We are an allround corp looking for new faces, we have a broad EU base and already a few Scandinav ...2010.11.18 20:48:00
- Time to let the people know we are still looking for like minded pilots to join us in Pew Pew and st ...2010.11.18 20:41:00
- ^^^ What he said ...2010.11.17 17:25:00

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