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- sir skidmarks you sir are probally the biggest idiot to play this game if you think cccp would suppo ...2010.10.05 12:21:00
- bump ...2010.09.19 11:41:00
- ...2010.09.19 11:33:00
- CCP you guys are just pathetic now this is really reaching... ...2010.09.19 11:00:00
- Edited by: Etheoma on 18/09/2010 14:07:20 Racist who cares who takes up a majority, the majority of ...2010.09.19 10:31:00
- since no one else has said it i guess i will htfu or gtfo and btw can i haz ur stuff ...2010.09.02 15:26:00
- i guess ccp got tired of all the winners crying about dt so we dont get 15 min dt anymore. wtg guys ...2010.08.21 11:57:00
- Buyout has been accepted. ...2010.08.03 17:43:00
- Hello there,Looking to sell this character. 10.4 million skillpoints. Highlights include:Ice Harves ...2010.08.03 15:02:00
- Positive wallet. Character is member of player owned corp. go here for all info: http://eveboard. ...2010.04.13 00:52:00
- I don't think it was altura. I thought it started with a "C" but I could be mistaken I really didn' ...2009.08.20 00:33:00
- The retriever has zero tankability...and you wouldn't have wanted to waist a high slot on a gun anyw ...2009.08.07 01:53:00
- To the penthouse please. (that's bump to the lay pers.) ...2009.08.07 01:33:00
- Edited by: Agerith on 07/08/2009 01:17:46 I won't attempt to argue it's validity (sp?) beyond stati ...2009.08.07 01:16:00
- But I think we can all enjoy a funny pilot story!In addition to communicating with the local Air Tra ...2009.08.07 00:51:00

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