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- somehow my account lost it's subscription, just had to resubscribe. SO I am sure I've lost alot of ...2009.12.09 15:12:00
- Came here expecting to see something about a game imbalance... all I saw was some jerk whining that ...2009.12.09 15:02:00
- Saw him listed on the vote matcher list, but can't seem to find a post by him ...2009.11.13 18:05:00
- Eve has programmers? No one works at EVE, it's kinda like SkyNet and is a self aware piece of integ ...2009.11.11 17:55:00
- Could have sworn people liked the Rock-Paper-Scissors options rather than just going vanilla vs vani ...2009.11.11 17:44:00
- Alot of those el-cheapo characters are also hi-jacked accounts that they are trying to move isk thro ...2009.11.10 17:28:00
- How to fix FW plexes so that they have value and encourage pvp:* Reset all plexes - make a role play ...2009.10.14 17:42:00
- Let's see...Basically people are still bragging about High-Sec ganks of carebears... the ability to ...2009.10.13 20:36:00
- Well done on quoting Rupert Murdoch owned media. Doesn't make it any more legit. While I am sure ...2009.10.09 17:01:00
- Calculate your minerals at a price, they are not free.Most people use one of the following 4:1) Lowe ...2009.10.08 20:19:00
- Looks at thread title Looks at OP Scratches headSo let's fix destroyers and T2 ammo ...2009.10.08 15:02:00
- What Improvements/Changes Am I Advocating? * Encouraging Tactics Beyond Blobbing and Camping S ...2009.10.07 20:43:00
- Options and consequences... 2 things EVE hasYou have the option of attacking that POS, but you have ...2009.10.07 17:36:00
- The big pole on a ship is called the mast.Now if you are taking a Ship Poll, I like the Kestrel :) ...2009.10.06 19:25:00
- Friendly fire, not so friendly after all ...2009.10.06 19:04:00

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