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- Excuse my WH runner ignorance (dont spend a lot of time in Knull). But wouldnt the whole "Supercarri ...2011.08.06 04:42:00
- Wow... that is vague.I can say that the letter "e" offends me on a personal level, and say that anyo ...2011.08.04 15:09:00
- As the subject suggest I propose that CCP add moon goo to wormholes. Basicly this means that on moon ...2011.08.02 06:11:00
- Get a gun... or a really big knife. ...2011.07.09 14:23:00
- Group Missioning. Dont you mean Incursions? ...2011.06.05 13:40:00
- As a nullsec logistics player may I just say:FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU *Nomad self destruct*Im so ...2011.05.12 16:20:00
- No. He means people, unless you say that no-one ever uses courier contracts, and the OP disproves th ...2011.02.03 23:18:00
- Needs an overhaul.The fact that when you look at courier contracts they are all complete wastes of t ...2011.02.03 02:02:00
- Who needs a truck?My Jaguar has AWD.Nothing "amuses" other roadusers more than a controlled 4-wheel ...2010.12.22 04:27:00
- thats what happens when BEEF BITES BACK! ...2010.08.24 22:49:00
- I think CCP needs to rethink the sucide ganking.1 - no insurnace pay out for the victim 2 - decreas ...2010.07.14 22:52:00

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