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- And the tengu if you just blitz for LP. Nothing beats the tengu at blitzing.Nothing.In what possible ...2011.08.01 07:04:00
- Yeah, that's what I meant. Before I get to that I wanted to see if anyone had already done a similar ...2011.07.31 17:50:00
- Hi,I remember a while back there were many discussions and analysis of lvl 4 income. People would cl ...2011.07.31 03:39:00
- Edited by: Pantload on 23/07/2011 23:07:45What fit would you recommend without being cap stable?Here ...2011.07.24 00:20:00
- The thing is that you're not really supposed to permarun the booster. Pulsing it to take the incomin ...2011.07.23 22:03:00
- Why is there no battleship that has 8 missile hardpoints? Turret BS have 8 slots for guns... Why not ...2011.07.23 20:26:00
- That way I can compare his #'s to mine and determine if I want to spend the train time on torp's II. ...2011.07.22 16:22:00
- I am interested in pure blitz. No loot or salvage, no clearing up of rooms. Just get in, kill only w ...2011.07.22 06:54:00
- So you think I'm better off fitting a Mael and using that for specific situations? ...2011.07.21 17:38:00
- I'm wondering if anyone's tried fitting artillery instead of ACs on a Mach for certain missions that ...2011.07.21 17:19:00
- What rigs should I use?There are multiple schools of thought on this. Most people seem to like a T2 ...2011.07.19 02:14:00
- What rigs should I use?And also do i really need an x-large SB? Won't a large one be quite enough? P ...2011.07.18 19:28:00
- Is Liang's more accurate the one on eve-survival?this one? ...2011.07.09 22:39:00
- I've got enough cash right now to buy and outfit a faction BS for blitzing lvl 4s, but I'm kinda tor ...2011.07.09 16:40:00
- I haven't played in a while, and this is a new computer so I'm trying to setup my EFT settings and I ...2011.07.09 15:51:00

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