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- Edited by: freshspree on 10/08/2011 13:29:28 Dreads are as OP as it gets and if anything should be ...2011.08.10 13:58:00
- A good cruor can give a dram a run for its money. Neut and web strenght bonus. You only need to use ...2011.07.09 17:47:00
- Why I woudlnt use your fits... Well a 190mil isk fit with less then 20k EHP... If someone sneezes ...2011.06.29 08:00:00
- Please dont use those fits. A rapier is there to Web and to live, dps doesnt matter, For gate camp ...2011.06.28 23:01:00
- People usually shield tank nightmares. ...2011.06.19 17:34:00
- ECM or an afterburner. ...2011.06.19 17:30:00
- Edited by: Mysteriax on 29/05/2011 18:05:13 Reduce EHP by 75%. Also titan DD should only do 25% of ...2011.05.29 18:03:00
- This corp has Mysteriax seal of approval. ...2011.05.21 16:07:00
- How about a 914 DPS domi viable for level 4's Power Diagnostic System II Power Diagnostic System I ...2011.03.31 15:57:00
- It exists. Used to be allot of sniper fleets around, however since the new probing system Sniping i ...2011.03.21 19:17:00
- Edited by: Mysteriax on 02/03/2011 21:01:34 Edited by: freshspree on 02/03/2011 20:32:48 Drake put ...2011.03.02 20:56:00
- The Niddy is one of the best carriers ingame, its heavily underrated. Its the best POS Repper. Can ...2011.02.03 19:07:00
- Thanks for the fit, looks much better than mine. I started my fit with the guns, normally I just d ...2010.10.07 15:02:00
- The mere presence of this topic speaks to the issue known as Dramiel.... What utter garbage. If teh ...2010.08.28 22:38:00
- What has been FOTM for more then 1 year is amarr. In large fleet engagements most certainly, lasers ...2010.08.15 20:06:00

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