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- titan down were back ...2010.10.12 03:36:00
- Thats crazy talk i thought were a dead alliance. ...2010.09.08 23:16:00
- From my dealings with both i've found through the years them to be honest and stick to there word. B ...2010.05.04 22:19:00
- whats the group under. the reservation. or do i walk in and ask to be seated by the most geekiest gr ...2010.03.06 20:09:00
- lol when you use 1700 usually thats game time. basing it off pos ops. ...2010.02.25 22:11:00
- later would be better means after you can go to a diff bar or to the clubs on richmond ...2010.02.24 00:09:00
- hmm if i have time ill head over ...2010.02.23 21:31:00
- we were never going to invade atlas. Bobby was my top ***** he controled the other *****es ...2009.11.22 04:00:00
- oh when i moved and had a change in rl ...2009.11.21 04:01:00
- Again how many times we have to kill you ...2009.11.21 03:49:00
- Well first I'm destroyed on vodka. Then they did lose thier first titan to smash which is worse than ...2009.10.25 07:08:00
- how do you get ganked going to tde. with titans/jumpbridges this is a actual joke. Wow coming from m ...2009.10.04 06:40:00
- traded eve for rl. seems a gf is the same as a alliance, you get *****ed at every day and can never ...2009.09.13 00:16:00
- this thread still here. ...2009.09.12 22:22:00
- omg i have trillions uin kills to a few losses i must be uber............... ...2009.09.11 22:07:00

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