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- Ok, updating debian was a bit of an adventure, but after exterminating anything related to sound stu ...2011.07.02 07:30:00
- Yup, drones seem to have a mind of their own and often target other targets than the one I selected, ...2011.06.26 12:11:00
- Hmm, is this a trend towards instant gratification? You already lowered the requirements for high q ...2011.06.26 12:00:00
- Edited by: Woo Mi on 17/06/2011 17:35:36 Ok, downloaded the 1.3.22 bz2 archive, applied the patch a ...2011.06.17 17:35:00
- Drat, didn't see that. I'll try building a new wine then this weekend. Thanks. ...2011.06.17 11:04:00
- Downloaded the whole client (patch didn't work because of failure of repairtool), so I am now at 102 ...2011.06.17 09:15:00
- Ok, tried saving both envoys by going in with 2 toons. Succeeded in saving them, but still got jumpe ...2011.04.02 01:04:00
- AFAIK, the double learning speed bonus no longer exists.Right, that makes things simple then. It wa ...2010.12.16 07:56:00
- One of my alts has way below 1.6mil SP, and I just noticed that I didn't see the notice about double ...2010.12.15 22:39:00
- I already had a sisi client, but not a version for which an update was available. After carefully c ...2010.10.29 12:25:00
- Yup,crc error on manual download of: EVE_Premium_Setup_196666_test_m.exe ...2010.10.29 08:23:00
- Ok, fiddled around a bit and look forward to what the final features of the editor will be. I made ...2010.10.11 21:02:00
- No: you only lose standings when you cancel your research without first completing or declining the ...2010.07.24 21:20:00
- In my opinion, it is better to simply do the mission everytime you visit a R&D agent. Then you nev ...2010.07.22 19:51:00
- Ok, just got through with a petition. It is correct there is a sanding loss, and I got a reference ...2010.07.21 20:30:00

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