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- Edited by: Angel DeMorphis on 21/03/2008 20:53:14 You forgot "Thick Skin" and "Ignoring Ad Hominum ...2008.03.21 20:53:00
- Like putting an AFK cloaker in an unfriendly alliance's home system?Yes. But good luck proving that ...2008.02.29 20:47:00
- There's a way, woddel, to fix a lot of what people have a problem with here. Is it possible to make ...2008.02.15 21:53:00
- To scan for these I fly to a planet, click cosmic anomaly and on board scanner the click analysis.I' ...2008.02.15 20:59:00
- Edited by: Angel DeMorphis on 15/02/2008 20:54:14 Edited by: Angel DeMorphis on 15/02/2008 20:53:34 ...2008.02.15 20:52:00
- Edited by: Angel DeMorphis on 15/02/2008 20:42:16 Followup: I'm not taking a quiz that asks for my ...2008.02.15 20:42:00
- don't expect smart people to be able to stay awake while doing the work of the average.So, you were ...2008.02.15 19:50:00
- Lower/raise the sec status every week of a system depending on the number of outlaw activity, by thi ...2008.02.15 18:57:00
- that's definitely an interesting look at it, though you shoot that group and all of a sudden this gr ...2008.02.15 18:52:00
- And are you sure the rats are using MWD? Mabye they're just using haxxed out Afterburners? Yes, th ...2008.02.15 18:51:00
- Edited by: Angel DeMorphis on 15/02/2008 15:31:54 But that is exactly being "risk averse" for that ...2008.02.15 15:29:00
- IQ: 76, not bad realy, have to take into account I'm a University student only in my second year.The ...2008.02.15 15:17:00
- I love when people say Do you have 2B ISK to spend on a dirty cotton bud? I hope it giv ...2008.02.15 14:48:00
- IQ = irrelevant.IQ scores are always skewed so that at any one time the average is 100, no matter ho ...2008.02.15 14:42:00
- Just looking at the first couple of questions, this isn't really fair for non-Americans. ...2008.02.15 14:32:00

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