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- First thing reading this made me think of was all the online attacks being done. Sony, being one of ...2011.05.31 16:15:00
- that damp isnt going to do much in disruptor range, only delay your enemy from locking you if you pu ...2011.04.29 17:18:00
- Greetings, fellow capsuleers!I am attempting to make a solo SB fitting and have come across a little ...2011.04.29 16:52:00
- just looking for ways to increase that statistic.hmm well in that case your damage is reduced due to ...2011.01.26 15:12:00
- A T2 target painter, maybe even two of them if your acting in support, unfortunatly you still wont d ...2011.01.26 14:16:00
- Okay so I think I've decided to stick with the Purifier for now.... What skills/modules would you su ...2011.01.26 13:36:00
- i like what i'm hearing/reading so far.... i have been pumping as many points into making SB's more ...2011.01.25 21:43:00
- Hound or Purifier. Good dmg types.currently rockin a purifier.... love that thing but i wanted to ch ...2011.01.25 21:25:00
- Okay so I'm aware that this question is rather vague... and pretty general.... but.... What would YO ...2011.01.25 21:16:00
- What's the point of forming an alliance if you're not willing to fight for defense? Usually its to s ...2011.01.14 15:29:00
- see thats what I thought... and upon reading it again... i'm thinking he meant take a deep space sca ...2011.01.14 15:24:00
- And you're completely ignoring the fact that deep space scanner probes can be used to see what a sys ...2011.01.14 13:10:00
- Why? Because CCP doesn't give a **** about exploration. Go run missions in a caldari ship or PvP a ...2011.01.13 21:35:00
- I've noticed that, too. I've noticed that most alliances seem to think "the more the merrier". "Ye ...2011.01.13 15:49:00
- Please use paragraphs and capital lettering to the fullest extent.The generally accepted term for "c ...2011.01.13 14:29:00

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