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- an AB + TD armor cane should have no problems with this. ...2011.06.19 23:01:00
- Whenever someone doesn't do what I want, or fit what I want them to fit, the best solution is always ...2011.05.30 03:11:00
- About 90% of the time my alt successfully accuses someone else of being an alt, and gets them kicked ...2011.05.16 00:04:00
- I suggest to play around in SiSi before you spout more drivel, unless you're trolling again ofc.You ...2011.05.14 06:06:00
- Edited by: Socio Stan on 05/04/2011 05:45:09 In the end it doesn't matter if you use Neutral RR or ...2011.04.05 05:44:00
- furries are sillyYeah they are. ...2011.03.28 01:40:00
- I'd put energy emissions 5 pretty low on the list for Amarr BS. You will want it eventually, but th ...2011.03.23 05:15:00
- You want T2 guns. You need Scorch. I don't know if you're doing pve or pvp stuff with this char, b ...2011.03.23 05:04:00
- you forgot the part where a vagabonds transversal has no effect against most turrets at 25 - 30 km.P ...2011.03.23 05:00:00
- Actually ishtar does pull more dps than almost any t2 cruiser out there and at higher range - probab ...2011.03.23 04:08:00
- Having to plan what to train over a 4-day absence, that brings back fond memories Nowadays anything ...2011.03.14 00:26:00
- - unstack your guns/launchers - overheat when structure is almost done - pray - profitPlease expl ...2011.03.08 03:46:00
- The gang that ganked the OP could have caught a Cane, but didn't have anything fast enough to catch ...2011.03.07 04:45:00
- That said, I'm fairly certain it's rather trivial to get a nid to outrep an archon if you shield tan ...2011.02.26 04:30:00
- High speed maneuvering 5 is one of those skills that should wait till you have nothing better to tra ...2011.02.19 03:05:00

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