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- The Archetect: Sort of cool, but there is too much empty space around the little head. 7/10 ...2011.01.24 15:16:00
- Working Link to the News Story AboveUnfortunately, failure to defend strategic assets in favor of ki ...2009.06.09 14:08:00
- For me: UFO:Enemy Unknown Doom Civilization Sim City Champions of Kryn Master Of Orion Paratr ...2009.05.22 13:27:00
- Another proof that 0.999... = 1. Suppose that 0.999... < 1. Now there exists e > 0 such that 0.999 ...2009.05.12 13:47:00
- A space Tabletop RPG I'd recommend would be Fading suns. Its relatively old as they go but the syste ...2009.05.12 09:17:00
- Is it just me, or does anyone else get a huge urge to start dropping all prices by big amounts after ...2009.04.29 10:11:00
- You know with all the ramifications and downfalls that this process can bring about on us like a swa ...2009.04.22 11:20:00
- Edited by: Gara Al''Malik on 21/04/2009 14:47:27 Same thing in Finland as in Germany. I believe you ...2009.04.21 14:47:00
- Yeah, it might be the case, that there will at some point be EU/national service packets that the IS ...2009.04.21 13:34:00
- Edited by: Gara Al''Malik on 21/04/2009 11:48:36 Absolutely no media coverage in my country either. ...2009.04.21 11:43:00
- Edited by: Gara Al''Malik on 21/04/2009 10:02:51 I don't really think CCP is in trouble, they are h ...2009.04.21 10:01:00
- I hope you are right. My first reaction was also, no way, that can't be true. They can't do such a t ...2009.04.21 09:28:00
- It probably will not go that far, but you never know what happens when EU gets the censorship party ...2009.04.21 08:39:00
- Thanks for the guide. I'll definetely give it a shot. ...2009.01.19 14:48:00
- From random article to EVE-online: http://en.wikip ...2008.12.05 09:06:00

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