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- Would love to have an API version of the historical data available on a daily basis, as we can alrea ...2011.08.30 17:11:00
- Most of this looks good. I got a little confused on what exactly the API output would 'look' like. T ...2011.07.29 21:05:00
- Good point Ivan. I didn't even think about that. Instead of getting locked out from your stuff it ju ...2011.07.07 23:09:00
- Anyone see this? Sound ...2011.07.07 22:15:00
- At the prices on Block's exchange that would be 28.1M ISK per share. So technically I'm offering a d ...2011.07.06 02:36:00
- Hey All,Looking to sell my 15 shares of URAIL @ 20M ISK ea. Let me know if you're interested. These ...2011.07.06 00:02:00
- CCP Tagline: EVE is REALQ: What is real about instantly being good at whatever you want to learn? A: ...2011.07.05 20:59:00
- They should sell -Dev time- The nex could have a list of features players have been asking for, low- ...2011.07.05 17:32:00
- Chribba, Dotlan, Eve-Central, Eve-Agent's, Battle Clinic's EVE page.Throw in a few of the big null-s ...2011.06.15 19:40:00
- Forget just 3rd party developers going on strike. That's too small of a scope I think.I say we all s ...2011.06.15 19:36:00
- Why not use the Incursion 'control' bar mechanic for gauging Sovereignty control in 0.0? ...2011.06.12 18:42:00
- Hey All,I was reading through the tidbits on the Incarna official features page and read the part ab ...2011.06.09 21:09:00
- From: ...2011.06.09 18:44:00
- Good calls.One of the things I was thinking about is that not all of our EVE items are on the market ...2011.06.08 20:16:00
- Claire, don't forget thatFrom the devblog, bolded for emphasis:"Thatís because EVE and DUST share th ...2011.06.08 17:30:00

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