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- Edited by: Akita T on 27/07/2011 14:51:10bla bla…So you can pretty much recreate THOSE graphs withou ...2011.07.28 10:24:00
- And then if you apply a little bit of imagination there are so much better choices for the desktop b ...2011.07.28 09:40:00
- So then starting a run will give you the exact numbers. What happens if you cancel, reset the timer ...2011.07.27 11:22:00
- Edited by: Azahni Vah''nos on 21/07/2011 05:24:34 It seems that the designer for the early EvE Inca ...2011.07.21 11:03:00
- We actually did this with t1 frigs in our own corp, it was tons of fun and costs almost nothing. Jus ...2011.07.21 10:56:00
- Compared to other activities i think PI is equivalent to running L1/L2 missions or mining in a friga ...2011.07.13 13:30:00
- A capital ship that can neut blobs? ...2011.07.08 06:09:00
- Edited by: djenghis jan on 06/07/2011 08:07:12 Do you minimize game time/ unit or real time/unit? I ...2011.07.06 07:59:00
- You can also start with p1 materials off the market and manufacture until you are skilled up... ...2011.07.06 06:04:00
- Well i can see these points, however:Do the skills affect losses due to placing extraction points to ...2011.07.06 06:02:00
- I have a question about PI skills that i would like to ask here since it affects industry/profitabil ...2011.07.05 13:51:00
- Three things. 1) We are not closing up shop.2) This is ultimately a perfect opportunity to get s ...2011.07.04 15:19:00
- Edited by: djenghis jan on 04/07/2011 14:06:23 Edited by: djenghis jan on 04/07/2011 14:05:44 @tem ...2011.07.04 14:02:00
- Edited by: djenghis jan on 04/07/2011 13:54:14 We have had this problem a number of times.Usually i ...2011.07.04 13:46:00
- It must be something we haven't seen yet. ... ...2011.06.30 10:40:00

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