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- People still get ganked in 0.0, reason being is fast ship warping into belt will be faster than PVE ...2008.02.19 14:00:00
- Same thing would be if you travel 40 jumps, jump into system with BS heavy gatecamp and called prima ...2008.02.06 11:20:00
- You were a corp thief, now you're corp thief with carrier which you're prolly to scared to use (cons ...2008.02.01 08:45:00
- This migh be a bit offtopic, but are there any official statement as to how POSes can you put up in ...2008.02.01 08:18:00
- He is a corp thief. He stole from his own corp. That is all there is to this matter. If any1 wants h ...2008.01.31 18:26:00
- Point here is that all EW modules are mid slot. If you're shield tanker you loose almost all of midd ...2008.01.31 11:23:00
- Edited by: Lord Merkator on 30/01/2008 13:20:40 Thing is, that if you try to invent something that ...2008.01.30 13:20:00
- This idea is not that bad.... only chance of it happening should be pre-nerfed and "balanced". As it ...2008.01.18 13:03:00
- We're talking about supercaps FFS. Its not some small dodgy frig you throw into enemy fleet just to ...2008.01.18 12:37:00
- cov ops with fitted cloak did the trick for me... just be carefull as there are two stations that se ...2008.01.14 12:48:00
- 1st of all: you should consider yourself lucky for finding cosmos moon base. 2nd: kill NPCs (bring ...2008.01.14 12:41:00
- Edited by: Lord Merkator on 13/01/2008 12:02:57 Before todays DT everything worked just peachy. Aft ...2008.01.13 11:57:00
- I saw this on pre-trinity TQ as well. It was a fight between "sniping" ravens (I still don't know ho ...2007.12.21 12:31:00
- Pirates vs. Ravens is topic for whiners... Pirates wannabes are frustrated because ravens are fitted ...2007.12.01 15:16:00
- 16b ...2007.11.25 12:52:00

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