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- bump for a good toon... ...2010.03.10 14:15:00
- Oh no.. Prolly the worst kill I've ever seen - CHECK THIS OUTepic epic way epic fail. I'd sell him ...2008.12.18 22:10:00
- thanks.. installed patch, started it up, and then logged in.. only to have my machine BSOD, and has ...2008.11.13 12:11:00
- a new ccp money making scheme? perhaps?ok, back to my tobacco plantation making sure those Matari sl ...2008.11.07 08:00:00
- It's a russian thang.. you wouldn't understand. ...2008.11.05 11:54:00
- ur kidding? this character is worthless.. epic ...2008.10.17 01:00:00
- no way 15-20B --rule of thumb - 5m sp = 1b isk.your char is minmatar with Gallente, Amarr skills - s ...2008.08.15 19:14:00
- ahh.. howabout search? that sounds more like what people want. ...2008.08.13 23:12:00
- this forum has been soooooooooo boring lately.. "dine somewhere threads", "forgot to pay the bill wh ...2008.08.06 23:35:00
- I do have a clarifying question - DED Report is NOT static - it's what has been found? correct?Wha ...2008.07.29 04:07:00
- right -- I guess what I was looking for was a mapping to plex ratings in the old way 10/10.. etc.. G ...2008.07.29 03:59:00
- I have a quick question -- when finding plexes now, it lists the name, but not the rating? I wonder ...2008.07.28 22:10:00
- Yes, there are radar (hack) and grav sites. no Mag or Ldar. ...2008.07.28 22:01:00
- all chance, i've scanned for hours getting a sig to appear .. the harder to find.. the better they a ...2008.07.28 21:55:00
- you forgot "rule of flee" and "Kaaaaaaa - Tet Offensive".. ohh.. and "Run-DMC".. ...2008.07.28 20:46:00

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