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- I'm still alive lolDue to the heavy demand, I'll not be taking any more orders and running my waitin ...2011.01.23 21:23:00
- I'd like 3 Amarr kits to this character. As Soon as possible please. ...2011.01.18 02:20:00
- Edited by: Mr Intel on 01/08/2010 03:04:45 To the people who seem to love pulling statistics and ga ...2010.08.01 03:03:00
- This feature was scheduled for the implementation by CCP. They even announced it in a dev blog befor ...2010.07.20 06:56:00
- I spy with my little eye... a concordokken-escape exploit. Oh the tears that shalt flow from this on ...2010.07.20 06:47:00
- LFM Naxx 25.Holy/Disc Priest, 2528 gearscore. LF Raid Hogger, 12 gearscore ...2010.07.20 06:35:00
- I spy a leak in CCP's boat. Is anyone else grabbing their life jackets? ...2010.07.12 05:20:00
- Just like the Black Ops and ROFLkets, T2 ammo needs to be balanced. They dont need a huge buff, and ...2010.06.28 19:54:00
- Edited by: Mr LaForge on 28/06/2010 17:57:22 It's coming Soon™Just like walking in stations? ...2010.06.28 19:39:00
- Everything in this proposal would be a nice change. Good to know whether that battleship is targetin ...2010.06.19 20:54:00
- Don't you think you people might be making a bit of an assumption here?Jumping to conclusions?Yeah.. ...2010.03.09 03:48:00
- 1. Your topic is in the wrong place, the Assembly Hall is for proposals and issues, of which this is ...2010.03.09 03:37:00
- Facebook has a massive array of privacy options.They obviously have no idea what they're doing. :-P ...2010.03.01 22:25:00
- Check out an AIM screen name called Smarterchild: meani ...2010.02.16 03:54:00
- Interesting idea, but personally i think ECM is fine as it is. Currently, you need to be in a specia ...2009.10.29 21:15:00

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