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- Looks like a tough one, thanks for working it through. ...2010.09.30 18:20:00
- I fully support this idea/motion/proposal and will subscribe to your newsletter. ...2010.07.04 11:14:00
- CREW! OMG I can never undock again!one of my favorite dev quotes ever on this forums is from about 3 ...2008.08.15 06:55:00
- CREW! OMG I can never undock again! ...2008.08.14 22:29:00
- Congratulations, have to say it has been a blast getting to know you guys over the last few weeks. H ...2008.08.11 07:59:00
- Having a gateway between the two where we can invade their parallel universe would rock though!!!! ...2008.08.07 14:29:00
- Being that I am new to the game, I realize now that it was a huge mistake. I wanted to join a large ...2008.07.16 15:51:00
- Edited by: Jade190 on 13/07/2008 11:31:27 Meanwhile.... RA takes over every system that has moon wo ...2008.07.13 11:51:00
- Goodbye FIX, I've never had as good a time in eve as when we were neighbours. The best reds I've fou ...2008.07.12 23:26:00
- Bounty hunting as a profession, now there's a thing. Too good to be true. ...2008.07.07 16:43:00
- The end weapon reminds me of the Shivan Sathana supernova inducing generator in the cut scene at the ...2008.07.04 17:21:00
- 40 and very norty! ...2008.06.25 10:36:00
- The thing is, can you speak the Lingus? ...2008.06.20 22:45:00
- Edited by: Jenny Spitfire on 20/06/2008 22:23:03 Oen week ago ... *hands you a sarcasm detector*Ta ...2008.06.20 22:33:00
- Eve isn't a space sym like I-Wat or Frontiers it is a game with physics the same as Elite. ...2008.06.20 22:28:00

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