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- God what I wouldn't give for a t3 destroyer. ^_^ Hey! Assault Destroyers first pls :PBut yea you c ...2011.09.06 13:13:00
- Hey Somer, is there any chance in the future that the awards with meta-unlocks will be visible once ...2011.09.02 10:33:00
- Yea, i know.. I guess im just like that little kid at the fair for his first time that just wants ...2011.08.25 12:10:00
- The celebration is a multi-day event. I've already caught more promos today than in the last week, a ...2011.08.25 10:49:00
- Edited by: Shayden on 25/08/2011 11:48:41 So tonite is the beggining of the 50t well gl everyone u ...2011.08.25 08:16:00
- Oh yea somer, as the Ipad guy tested, the new blink bar seems to have difficulty loading on Android ...2011.08.24 07:40:00
- Hey blink.I get a bug clicking show info on the ships in blinks.This is what i get for error code:ja ...2011.08.24 07:10:00
- Am i going crazy here or why does EFT not calculate in the Caldari Battleship skill on the Golem in ...2011.05.27 11:09:00
- This is why I've never touched, and never will touch incursions. There is no reward for your effort ...2011.05.25 10:23:00
- Edited by: Shayden on 19/05/2011 10:04:36 Skeet fleet is just evolution. In any game ive played the ...2011.05.19 09:09:00
- Edited by: Shayden on 28/04/2011 13:43:52 I see its already posted but ill repost and provide a lin ...2011.04.28 13:39:00
- Edited by: Shayden on 04/05/2011 07:49:02 So Drones Implants. I made this in about 10minutes. Note ...2011.04.28 09:13:00
- I knew the part of warping cloaked, i got a buzzard aswell but i didnt know about the full mwd cycle ...2011.01.20 11:48:00
- Does anyone have a screenshot of the old looking retriever? I just got this the other day and people ...2011.01.20 11:42:00
- I am a Caldari hauler working for a small mining corp and i stumbled upon this dark flower in the da ...2011.01.20 11:39:00

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