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- i think you will find the mwd anoyingly useless many in missions ...2010.05.02 07:50:00
- Edited by: Maud on 20/04/2010 18:54:28 First you seriously need someone competent to organise defen ...2010.04.20 18:48:00
- OH My an utter FAIL thread of grand proportions.Not only do you make an offer of insultingly low rew ...2010.04.16 17:50:00
- I wouldn't put the isk onto the char you are trading. You need another toon to act as the seller ...2009.10.11 09:29:00
- These are covert ships and so you have to use them as such or there an expensive loss.I have flown a ...2009.10.09 12:34:00
- would be nice to have a visible effect of boosters (red eye / uncontrolable body part twitch etc) / ...2008.11.26 23:46:00
- this is an old and irritating tactic used increasingly in war situations.normaly the happend to jump ...2008.11.26 23:22:00
- this is a common occurance. Nothing personal against you.only ever been caught out onece by this tho ...2008.11.25 08:24:00
- To be honest PVP has been on a downward slide eversince the lag issues started to dictate combat res ...2008.11.16 15:21:00
- Remembering the nerf fest before tech 2 I am currently speculating that tech 3 is around a corner so ...2008.11.12 21:02:00
- Im sure they told us to put on a skill which takes a long time a few days ago for when they are down ...2008.09.02 20:40:00
- bah annoyed just for not being able to fly your new ship.I not only have a skill finished. But to re ...2008.09.02 20:25:00
- posted out of frustration i guess. ...2008.09.02 20:14:00
- been having this issue repetedly (altho not consistantly) running vista and using multiple accounts ...2008.04.02 07:59:00
- 'the curse still is a good ship'yes it is in its current form. Tho the pilgrim became unviable afte ...2007.11.02 09:30:00

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