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- I personally would like to see 2 fully hull-tanking teams slug it out.Couple Domi's with several itt ...2011.06.13 04:21:00
- Account management is still wonky. One of my accounts failed to renew today due to failed card paym ...2011.05.28 00:52:00
- Edited by: holding pattern58 on 15/05/2011 03:23:52 Use Wormhole space reports for quick lookups on ...2011.05.15 03:23:00
- You bring some interesting ideas, however my votes are instead going to someone else.(Not Trebor, he ...2011.03.07 14:11:00
- I can also confirm these strange happenings.Perhaps the Sansha incursions are having effects on worm ...2011.01.27 05:55:00
- We all know that Black Ops ships are among the least used in New Eden. I am proposing a slight twea ...2011.01.24 14:40:00
- Delayed Local is still in effect for wormhole space. You only show up in local if you actually say ...2011.01.15 16:51:00
- I control both a class 1 wormhole and a class 4 wormhole. I'm tired of checking Dotlan and seeing s ...2011.01.04 23:15:00
- Actually a simpler solution would be to have people with negative standing afk-cloak in each of the ...2010.12.06 15:03:00
- For what it's worth, when I undocked there were enough ships already being attacked that I was able ...2010.11.30 16:35:00
- Glad I sold mine for 890mil and 700mil. It's a gravy train in market pvp. ...2010.11.30 16:28:00
- Edited by: holding pattern58 on 30/11/2010 16:16:52 Sold one in Dodixie for 890mil. Of course I wa ...2010.11.30 16:15:00
- This is why we play EVE. ...2010.11.03 04:06:00
- I love all of you. ...2010.10.28 04:14:00

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