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- 5 shares ...2007.11.23 15:47:00
- How can someone who claims to have this sort of experience in RL be so completely immature in game?g ...2007.08.23 00:42:00
- Icelanders are funny. ...2007.08.22 11:37:00
- You are all mine now. ...2007.08.22 00:27:00
- Edited by: Rthor on 16/08/2007 22:57:46 I feel your pain dude but in Eve you have to adapt. I sugg ...2007.08.16 22:57:00
- OK but you are saying that I should wait before "flaming" but I am not flaming. I am only pointing ...2007.08.15 19:54:00
- I am just asking. There was a situation in a past where someone took a big loss because outposts we ...2007.08.15 19:40:00
- I remember how you said that you will get all the ISK back for sure and that you were immediately co ...2007.08.15 19:01:00
- Calm down or I will be alone again.There is no point in saving shareholders if they do not want to b ...2007.08.15 16:41:00
- Rthor Bank IPOCapital needed: 200B (I need more capital because the more the bank has the more I can ...2007.08.15 13:12:00
- Well additional factor is that some of these people may have quit the game also. Average lifespan o ...2007.08.14 21:17:00
- Edited by: Rthor on 14/08/2007 19:39:40 ...2007.08.14 19:39:00
- Edited by: Rthor on 14/08/2007 18:30:15When Tornsoul started he had very good reputation and then he ...2007.08.14 18:30:00
- With Tornsoul it was the contrast between his arrogance and lack of performance/effort that brought ...2007.08.14 17:15:00
- You are complaining that there is not enough complaining? How can I satisfy you exactly? ...2007.08.14 14:09:00

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