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- As agreed, awaiting transfer of isk and the ship via contract to me to verify the fitting and transf ...2011.05.05 21:27:00
- Up top we go! ...2011.05.05 14:05:00
- I am sorry I will not accept 4b b/o offer at this time. I am looking for a offer of around 5.5B to t ...2011.05.05 02:55:00
- Edited by: Prospero''R on 05/05/2011 02:43:33 Edited by: Prospero''R on 05/05/2011 01:05:00 WTS My ...2011.05.05 01:03:00
- 6b bid ...2011.05.04 02:03:00
- 5B bid he's not worth the b/o offer. ...2011.05.03 16:26:00
- I got myself 19m sp runs t2 cov ops gal bs5 frog cruiser 5 decent support skills exhumer 3 fighters ...2011.05.03 03:22:00
- I like this guy and I am huge type interested and want to take price of buy out now! Eve mail me you ...2011.05.03 03:12:00
- Will open you with a b/o of 1.5b don't see this toon bringing much more than 2b though. The skills a ...2011.04.24 16:32:00
- Looking for someone who can sit down and teach me how to do this PI crap. Tell me what skills need t ...2011.04.24 01:53:00
- As it says looking for options North is preferred! But don't care! Depends on Corp! Full API key rea ...2011.04.21 03:57:00
- Would Love to talk to you guys! Convo me in game! ...2011.04.19 15:27:00
- Still Haunting! ...2011.04.11 14:38:00
- Looking for what you seen w NC only. Carrier ready in few weeks as in fully deployment ready reps re ...2011.04.11 04:37:00
- Take that last domi for 650M to me ...2011.04.07 04:03:00

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