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- If you could browse more efficiently or search, it would be too easy to vote for yourself, or a pal. ...2003.12.21 15:01:00
- Nope, you get the same, basically, when you have max refining and high refining efficiency. With lo ...2003.12.21 14:39:00
- Afaik you cant lock a "warping" ship. A deactivate-warp button would be very exploitable then. Lik ...2003.10.13 09:20:00
- Its that way really:The minerals used to built the ship are shown on the BP. But if your PE isnt 5 y ...2003.10.13 08:17:00
- Edited by: Tsaya on 13/10/2003 08:07:55Yeah, cry me a river. (Disclaimer: This does not refer to t ...2003.10.13 08:06:00
- Edited by: Tsaya on 10/10/2003 17:49:13 May i first say, turtle, please get your vocabulary straigh ...2003.10.10 17:44:00
- Sadly you can even get shot down by npc rats in a belt when a whole SWAT team of concord is hovering ...2003.10.09 11:38:00
- The thing mentioned above that reduces polycount on objects that are far away is called level-of-det ...2003.10.09 11:34:00
- Edited by: Tsaya on 09/10/2003 11:16:48 Edited by: Tsaya on 09/10/2003 09:49:49 Edit: Was talked ...2003.10.09 09:46:00
- Im no expert in agents, but ill share the few things i know (somebody please correct me if im wrong ...2003.09.30 11:54:00
- Most engine systems in eve are very ship-specific, partly the ships have even been built around spec ...2003.09.30 11:28:00
- I had a similar problem some time ago, gladly i was able to repackage the ship, and that solved it. ...2003.09.30 11:17:00
- Corp and faction of a convoy leaving a station are always those of the station they came from. ...2003.09.29 11:19:00
- Edited by: Tsaya on 25/09/2003 09:58:19 Atm you can look up the jump-in point by viewing info on th ...2003.09.25 09:58:00
- Maybe im wrong, but i had the impression that you can remove em, f.e. prior to self blowing up. ...2003.09.19 07:56:00

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