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- ROFLMAO ...2011.07.08 16:58:00
- Edited by: Malrock on 22/06/2011 10:57:45 Edited by: Malrock on 22/06/2011 10:41:09 You want the h ...2011.06.22 10:37:00
- i think they are looking forward to drop current player base, milk it while they can but eventually ...2011.06.22 06:37:00
- $50 for a monocle, mkay.Sure, 90% of us weren't originally interested in vanity items, but it's the ...2011.06.22 06:17:00
- Let's see;Years back when incarna was known as Ambulation we were promised it beeing optional, we al ...2011.06.22 06:12:00
- I find it very, very difficult to filter out my frustration at this time, so the following post is e ...2011.06.16 04:27:00
- The only way to do it "securely" i think would be if eve would offer a service similar to app-store ...2011.06.15 17:41:00
- And how, exactly, is this "great news" for 3rd party devs? All it's going to do is force them to co ...2011.06.15 17:29:00
- And while we are on the subject can we also have 2 buttons; 1) drop all personal wallet content to c ...2010.11.27 18:34:00
- I bet this has been requested before, but just for record doing it again.1) Corporation standings vs ...2010.11.27 18:22:00
- I have run idea past the ideas forum in this thread, i think it has gathered some feedback to be pos ...2010.11.15 20:15:00
- Edited by: Malrock on 15/11/2010 14:02:49 There are some things id like to point out.Number of aste ...2010.11.15 14:01:00
- /signed, and while that is done, can we also include dx 11 & tesselation :) ...2010.11.14 12:18:00
- Just to clarify few things, information is based on my interpretation of CCP claims, blogs, fan fest ...2010.11.13 22:36:00
- Excuse me for being blunt: low sec systems are garbage and not worth anything.0.0 empty ? yes - unre ...2010.11.13 16:03:00

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