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- Officers are overrated; would guess median spawn is only a few hundred mils worth.From statistic set ...2010.07.29 16:18:00
- If there is anyone else out there with an ATI 5xxx series cardDon't seem to have any problems with t ...2010.05.27 20:45:00
- Loyalty Sheer irrational stubbornness -Lasse for anti-FOTM mentality ...2010.05.25 14:35:00
- my sheild breaks and im into my armor tank .. i had been running the full 750 dps tankJust to confir ...2010.05.05 16:39:00
- no scam larger than EIB .. got away with close to 700 billionRather, the said scammer claimed many t ...2010.05.04 17:10:00
- i want to get some ideas .. A-Level student .. i'm dislexic .. cant be bothered to spellcheckSome qu ...2010.05.04 16:42:00
- panther is not so great for PvP .. travel and jump transportHey, its very nice for some uses!Anyway, ...2010.04.30 21:58:00
- I know CCP is always looking to cut graphics loadWould think the opposite; there is ever increasing ...2010.04.30 16:49:00
- Raven State Issue .. unprobable .. park it in a 0.0 system and see how many people come try and prob ...2010.04.30 16:03:00
- 3 Mobile Laboratories .. have time to pull the labsNow, do you have to keep anything inside the labs ...2010.04.30 15:48:00
- all of the gates which jump from highsec directly into 0.0?CCP exports are our friends.SELECT sysfr. ...2010.04.28 15:20:00
- any trick to this or is it totally random?Both.Your chance on spotting such special spawn on a fresh ...2010.04.28 14:44:00
- the ultimate 0.0 exploration/scouting shipYou could also make the ship useful by adding 3 gang boost ...2010.04.27 15:38:00
- had one of these give me that message for a couple of months. I had to make a petitionReckon the cat ...2010.04.27 08:57:00
- How can I sell the whole lot in one go? You could also use some offline software like Eve-HQ/to get ...2010.04.27 08:51:00

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