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- lol what a big surprise whose systems those are.. solar, red alliance and xdeath... hey ccp how bo ...2011.08.31 16:14:00
- i think jovians should decide there is starting to be way too many supercapital class ships in new e ...2011.08.23 17:12:00
- LOLLIPOP!this ...2011.08.23 17:02:00
- also helicitys ban cos of RL threat shows just what kinda people are griefers in this game. worthles ...2011.08.20 11:12:00
- one griefer less in game. good riddance ...2011.08.20 11:02:00
- seems like rest of 0.0 (most now ex 0.0) dwellers have fallen into apathy in front of unstoppable ma ...2011.08.18 17:52:00
- one less super in game when you cancel so i say good riddance. ccp really needs to do something agai ...2011.08.17 18:35:00
- joseph fritzl is ultimate dungeon master ...2011.07.22 14:58:00
- bayed Hel from some dudenow im braking balls in sanctums transaction was smooth and without problems ...2011.07.18 22:11:00
- DEATH TO SUPERS AND TECHNETIUM! ...2011.07.17 15:28:00
- Linkagethat is all ...2011.07.16 18:33:00
- Edited by: Estephania on 13/07/2011 09:31:11 The game is already supercaps online if we are talking ...2011.07.13 10:04:00
- just remove titans and supercarriers from game. reimburse the owners and there we go. game will come ...2011.07.12 23:03:00
- that is how little girls fight. trying to bait mission runners in pve fits to fight you. man up and ...2011.07.05 17:24:00
- status: unknown. no patch to download. what is going on? ITS NOT WORKING! ...2011.07.05 13:23:00

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