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- Looking for advice.How do I suspend account to maybe continue to play at some later time? How do I ...2011.06.08 18:37:00
- W7 64 Ultimate. As nothing working (see previous post) Ive dlded repair.exe an ran it. As he did ...2011.06.07 21:14:00
- Hello there, I3 530, 4GB Ram W7 64 Ultimate, Ati 4770 512,no bull**** running a part w7, Beta 6 pla ...2011.06.07 20:41:00
- Client responsiveness got slower in 1.6 by a little. 1.6.1 has made that a LOT worse. I'm having to ...2011.06.07 20:05:00
- which turned out to be the repair of the jukebox folder.a quick delete and a change in graphic setti ...2011.06.07 19:36:00
- "The update was downloaded but it failed verification indicating that the file is corrupt. Would you ...2011.06.07 19:32:00
- Same here. Online and offline updaters and repair.exe do not work for me too.All I get isR6034 An ap ...2011.06.07 17:18:00
- Edited by: TLWE on 07/06/2011 21:16:37 Edited by: TLWE on 07/06/2011 17:24:46 I am running windows ...2011.06.07 16:47:00
- You can't take these 30 million ISK a month from me!30 million isk a month??? I do not know even ho ...2011.06.07 13:54:00
- CCP was very pragmatic. They wanted as many players as possible. So multi console choice was made. ...2011.06.07 13:05:00
- Yes. This is a bad idea. For consoles. Not for PCs. Imho it is matter of time before we will get Du ...2011.06.07 12:53:00
- Nope. ...2011.06.02 17:12:00
- To all windows users, who experience CTD while at-tabing I have a proposition. The Linux community a ...2011.06.02 13:33:00
- We are working to resolve the PI issue as fast as we can!Hi! I read here that there are two separat ...2011.06.02 13:18:00
- appears PI was not one, ...2011.06.01 18:52:00

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