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- so youre a pro PvP'er camping trade hubs? You guys are seriously patheitc. Thats the whole point h ...2011.05.01 04:54:00
- Yes lss really impacted my game time Via battleclinicLSS kills past 7 days = 33My kills past 7 days ...2011.05.01 04:22:00
- Seriously, more PLEX in your dramiels.I endorse this. ...2011.03.30 07:50:00
- Please continue to put plexes in your Dramiels, we appreciate it. ...2011.03.30 06:21:00
- @Dark Bakura, Unsure if I see the problem or if it was a temporary error upon the character update.M ...2010.06.21 18:11:00
- Hello Chribba,One of my mates pointed this out. Issues with EB reflecting the appropriate skills. It ...2010.06.21 06:39:00
- Morning BumpIm still for saleBids starting at 3bb/o 4b ...2009.10.03 23:06:00
- sold to Silence iKillYouu for 3.2bGrieva will collect the isk when the buyer is ready ...2009.09.30 10:10:00
- Starting bid: 3b Buy out: Depends on offer!! Highlights: - L ...2009.09.30 10:02:00
- Grieva is collecting the isk. sorry i didnt do this before >.< yes im for sale..... ...2009.09.30 09:56:00
- Some of the best pilots of Eve can be found here ...2009.02.26 10:58:00
- Im from Perth West side is the best side in Australia I say!!! ...2009.02.23 01:42:00

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