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- You gotta love him, only such a sad twisted individual would still retain such a grudge after this ...2004.03.28 22:05:00
- Bah, I just wanted an 'excuse' to greif them. It's not hard to use weapons only that does not do s ...2004.03.28 19:03:00
- We use them to detain people untill battleships and cruisers can warp scramble and statis webify. ...2004.03.28 17:27:00
- You need to kill more, kill everything, everywhere. Use krestels to gank industrials in Yulai and ...2004.03.28 05:06:00
- Omg, he's my alt. Hey is it not allowed to use cruise missiles on carebear industrial? ...2004.03.28 05:02:00
- Edited by: Skillz on 28/03/2004 04:56:10 He was an idiot and was afk. He won't repeat it and if any ...2004.03.28 04:54:00
- Did you self destruct it in 'protest' too? ...2004.03.28 04:49:00
- It's war in 23.5 hours.Read up, no one scams me and gets away with it. ...2004.03.28 04:40:00
- If you want to join the war of extermination of Everlasting Vendetta, please do it. Contact me so ...2004.03.28 04:38:00
- 1) they are forum warriors 2) they scammed me out of 2.4 million isk 3) they should be perma gri ...2004.03.28 04:34:00
- You're the third warslot, I'd suggest you'd move from Gulmorogod to HED-GP. ...2004.03.28 03:56:00
- Dear Con'Mal.We're going to declare war on Everlasting Vendetta with the aim of Everlasting Vendet ...2004.03.28 03:04:00
- The hardest mission of your whole life is to ignore the bull****ters for 3+ months. ...2004.03.28 02:52:00
- Jade, please acknowledge the fact you're a CEO of a major corporation and get off the forums. ...2004.03.28 02:51:00
- I think he's being sarkastic. It's was a funny post too. But seriously, if you want to help a newb ...2004.03.26 15:20:00

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