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- Here's a pretty good one:"tonight we dine in NOL" ...2008.12.05 13:12:00
- Thanks for the comments, they are appreciated.wonder if i can download your songs for free.... also. ...2008.11.18 21:36:00
- Not my style, sorry.Nothing to be sorry about. We are fully aware that this isn't for everyone. Rath ...2008.11.18 18:29:00
- Edited by: Artean on 18/11/2008 13:58:08 Greetings fellow EVE players,My band will release its debu ...2008.11.18 13:58:00
- Works for me. I use 4* AA with Oblivion compatibility through nHancer. I get some strange white flic ...2008.11.12 15:34:00
- Slightly on the heavy side, but Cult of Luna is amazing: http://www.myspace.c ...2008.11.12 09:43:00
- What I have in the last two years missed?Oh, nothing much. We got ome t2 ships now, and there was a ...2007.12.11 07:40:00
- The Mammoth's supposed to be ugly. Nothing strange at all. ...2007.12.07 15:31:00
- POS structures haven't been renovated in content yet, so they're still using all the old models whic ...2007.12.07 13:41:00
- Seems the graphics patch is up again. ...2007.12.06 08:21:00
- Hilarious, and what a refreshing start to this morning!First time ever I'm happy being a Vista user. ...2007.12.06 07:53:00
- Splendid!Is that the new Trinity-engine? The graphics on my ship was amazing. ...2007.12.04 14:17:00
- Very good write-up!There is history created in EVE and it is a good thing that there are historians ...2007.12.03 12:40:00
- DL'ed it, installed it, and failed ya go: ...2007.12.02 14:50:00
- Edited by: Avon on 24/09/2007 06:37:52Oh, and if you come up with some sort of "no altering client f ...2007.09.24 08:31:00

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