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- Your probably trolling.Google Yulai super gates.The political hub of the galaxy and the Headquarters ...2010.08.31 02:52:00
- It would be a lot cooler if to get Caldari->Gallente space, etc. you had to go through low.It would ...2010.08.28 23:42:00
- As someone mentioned, cap chargers are massively over sized for their return. So I tend to grab eve ...2010.08.28 15:23:00
- They are dumb lazy pilots looking for easy kills. After seeing probes on scan and measuring down to ...2010.08.27 15:05:00
- As you all may be aware, I wont shut up about how there isnt any 'risk / reward' involved in NAPing ...2010.08.23 05:55:00
- at some point they moved all the landmarks....there was a devblog about it saying there were too few ...2010.08.21 22:44:00
- Edited by: Aichi Awara on 13/08/2010 12:29:22 Quick read & reply.It should be considered as an expl ...2010.08.20 06:35:00
- Re Mmacs Backwards its scameR. I got another anagram of those letters as well, Stewie.-7/10 for at ...2010.08.19 16:27:00
- *** Congratulations to Azia Burgi and the Eve Cemetery members for standing up to them. *** Fun fac ...2010.08.18 20:34:00
- How about this people? I think it's time the high sec population get a taste of life in 0.0. Since ...2010.08.18 17:44:00
- Capitals are: The fastest ships in the game The most powerful ships in the game Can jump on a ...2010.08.12 17:28:00
- Interesting info but, looks to me like it's breaking the rules... No, obviously the line codes are ...2010.08.10 20:35:00
- Proposed Solution: I hereby propose to automatically add digital signatures to all killmails upon t ...2010.08.10 18:38:00
- Jita is your one stop shop. Its like Walmart, you can find nearly anything there instead of searchi ...2010.08.10 17:53:00
- Its been 8 months and your still complaining about loss of CONCORD Assembly standing? As long as yo ...2010.08.03 20:57:00

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