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- Sounds like a de-synch problem, where your client is not in synch with the server - it happens (usua ...2009.11.06 10:46:00
- A good source of information for everything POS related is here:Beginners Guide To POSDefinitely wor ...2009.09.11 08:30:00
- Eve is harsh, and designed to be.That's the thing that gives this game it's edge, and has kept me pl ...2009.06.16 09:36:00
- Well I'm late as usual, so happy unbirthday Chribba.And long may the Veldnaught ply it's unholy trad ...2009.06.11 12:50:00
- Edited by: BLAIYNE on 10/04/2009 11:57:38 I hate to say me too, but "me too". But mine crashes whe ...2009.04.10 11:57:00
- Yep, I'm having the same issues. You set the drones on a target, and the next thing you know, there ...2009.03.27 23:10:00
- I'll take the Widow for 700 millionPlease let me know when the contract is up.Thanks. ...2009.03.02 12:21:00
- Where is it? ...2009.02.13 11:06:00
- EVE goes well with bacon...i mean really, what DOESNT go well with bacon?Custard? ...2009.02.09 11:26:00
- As it happens most countries have atrocious government and the populace is completely out of step ...2009.01.30 08:53:00
- Congratulations to all involved - a well deserved win.Looks like those years of work paid off! ...2008.11.03 12:31:00
- Just discovered these - nice work."Dog, 1sk" made me chortle!Keep em coming! ...2008.10.27 12:51:00
- Sure, the Navy Raven will make you more isk, and potentially clear level 4's faster.However I would ...2008.10.10 11:15:00
- Good job - keep up the good work! ...2008.10.09 14:59:00
- Blimey - an intelligent conversation about lag that hasn't decended into name calling.Interesting st ...2008.09.19 15:15:00

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