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- Hey there!About me:In Real Lifeô, Iím an older player at 43. Iím retired, but still have younger ki ...2008.05.14 02:04:00
- Can fly minmatar bs,bc,cruisers,frigs, hacs, af + interceptors More info on character here: Johsua Y ...2008.05.09 21:21:00
- you..catch them.. maybe put warp disruptor bubble 50km from gate? insta poops all them buggas ...2008.05.07 01:45:00
- because they are stupid. probobly in shock that they just lost their pretty ship to scum. only 3 po ...2008.05.07 01:44:00
- -Looking for 0.0 access. -lots of good rats and a good amount of pvp. -looking for corp that is in ...2008.03.25 23:51:00
- i might be interested. i'll convo you takoo, when i have the time. ...2008.03.05 02:28:00
- Edited by: Johsua Yoltar on 05/03/2008 02:13:47 Ghreymar Eve has become a cruel, and unfair game, ...2008.03.05 02:12:00
- all this talk about 0.0 and high sec..what bout low sec ...2008.03.04 19:33:00
- lol plunderbunneh you with the goons now. i get a kick out of this topic. ...2008.03.04 19:30:00
- u no pirate that sucks. you just suck. go to low sec and do the yarring. ...2008.03.04 03:07:00
- me and a former corp mate were doin lvl 2s in cruisers. i went to lock a npc cruiser but apparently ...2008.02.26 04:31:00
- rofl at eve uni.yar again! ...2008.02.14 12:00:00
- yarr! o_o ...2008.02.14 04:10:00

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