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- This is awesome. It's interesting comparing regions to TQ, Catch seems to have a really similar stat ...2011.06.05 12:28:00
- All he needs to do is destroy his capsule or clone jump out then destroy the cancerous clone. ...2010.12.27 20:11:00
- This has personally happened to me and I heard it happening to other people. It's annoying but a ses ...2010.12.27 16:34:00
- I was hoping for a message about purging the North of Macros. ...2010.12.12 23:29:00
- ...moved our home from the fat area back to stain. Its not as profitable down there btw 8). Stain i ...2010.12.12 06:23:00
- Im more upset over the fact that I can't post comments on PL's killboard. ...2010.11.12 05:45:00
- This news makes me sad :( ...2010.10.28 03:06:00
- I also dislike the new menu changes. ...2010.10.03 19:39:00
- As Sovereignty Co-ordination Alliance Manager I can most probably help with your requirements. Plea ...2010.09.29 13:49:00
- Everyday when I wake up I check my corp/alliance killboard then the killboards of the bigger entitie ...2010.09.25 15:27:00
- Would definitely do again. 2 thumbs up. ...2010.09.19 01:49:00
- What happened? You guys were fighting and owning in a big love circle with Evoke. Now Dead Terrorist ...2010.09.02 21:52:00
- Interesting. ...2010.08.18 01:12:00
- First ...2010.08.17 20:28:00
- If I know I'm going to lose because I got hot dropped. I will gladly self destruct because I know ...2010.04.15 17:11:00

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