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- Oh what are they called,Jump ... jump praters?No no Jump Freighters ! that's it!Jump freighters aren ...2011.07.06 14:42:00
- I have a minor suggestion for ccp regarding window locations. When I'm in space, I have an ideal ar ...2011.07.06 06:07:00
- This is a great idea. I would love to see this implemented. ...2011.03.14 22:21:00
- Edited by: Meisje on 07/01/2011 22:56:50Putting up buy orders and zeroing out the wallet so the when ...2011.01.07 22:53:00
- I think i want to hold an event where I self destruct my Echelon as a protest of what a piece of use ...2010.12.10 00:10:00
- Definitely supported. ...2010.12.01 21:43:00
- Learning skills are (were) a barrier of entry that pandered to the elitist attitudes of some eve pla ...2010.11.29 14:59:00
- That's a relief! Thanks to the CSM for making a strong argument against the neural remap for plex i ...2010.11.22 18:56:00
- I think if CCP ever does implement a feature like this, that it will have a $25 pricetag slapped on ...2010.10.19 16:44:00
- i dont agree with that, faces make you who you are, that is exactly what i look for in local and suc ...2010.10.19 16:32:00
- That makes sense, yah. Just keep in mind that your identity in eve is a lot more than just an avata ...2010.10.19 16:21:00
- if there wont be an option to get my char as close to my old one as possible then ill just simply le ...2010.10.19 15:59:00
- Eve has an account hacking problem because of all the 3rd party work that goes into the game. Extra ...2010.10.09 13:39:00
- Cosmetic microtransactions only! No neural remaps or anything that affects sp! ...2010.10.07 21:55:00
- This would be -fantastic!- ...2010.10.07 21:53:00

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