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- Lol, everyone in EVE spends ISK on ships. Doesn't mean their expenditures gives them the right to ta ...2009.01.17 14:56:00
- um have a bake sale? Discuss World peace? Solve world Hunger? ...2009.01.04 14:53:00
- I can see hwere people get upset on losing something in gaame that they work for. Same as being robb ...2009.01.04 13:55:00
- No!!! Salvage law has been established. Working AS INTENDED THANKS FOR PLAYING. ...2009.01.03 04:09:00
- Edited by: Krystal Demishy on 20/12/2008 15:44:48 Problem solved:Remove all slots from bombers and ...2008.12.20 15:53:00
- Have to agree congrats on killing a industrial. Now if you were at war with them or they were suppli ...2008.11.24 17:15:00
- I need some help. Iím looking to set up a large minmatar death star and would like to make it as for ...2008.11.22 19:17:00
- Edited by: Chaos Incarnate on 21/11/2008 15:56:09 Perhaps all the chairs in ambulation should doubl ...2008.11.21 17:20:00
- thanks guys! ...2008.11.17 22:33:00
- Tried Eve non search tool. Nothing. So here my dumb question for the day. Where would you find R&D a ...2008.11.17 21:46:00
- thank you jaz for your timely response , hopefully this get sorted out shortly then and yes i am fam ...2008.11.16 13:03:00
- What's with the half-assed login screen for QR? Empyrean age had a sweet fully 3d rotating planet... ...2008.11.13 14:00:00
- "adapt"... do you mean continue to pay for getting less? Some will, some won't. Can i have your Stu ...2008.11.10 17:53:00
- I'm sure it's been done, but we hadn't really thought of it before ourselves. Amazing what you will ...2008.11.10 16:15:00
- Edited by: Aaspa on 10/11/2008 15:44:11 Hello all I speak in the name of all Mac users. CCP, could ...2008.11.10 15:46:00

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