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- I have managed to hover in the NAV 20bil range for a while now on an industrial backbone with a litt ...2010.10.08 02:46:00
- Edited by: Irae Ragwan on 08/10/2010 02:14:01 Posting in another e-morals alarmist "not in my eve," ...2010.10.08 02:13:00
- Check the s&i forum for a pos guide and related articles.As for the alt corp, i've used an alt to ma ...2010.10.07 04:08:00
- I'm wondering how far away from the safety of numbers people are willing to take their SC. I mean, a ...2010.10.07 04:04:00
- The truth is a SC doesn't really offer any advantages anyways. In fact, it's more of a liability tha ...2010.10.07 00:42:00
- Don't forget that no matter how much LP/hr you're making, without a half-decent trade and (preferabl ...2010.10.07 00:31:00
- You're never "safe," FW or not in highsec (assuming you fly something worth ganking for profit), but ...2010.10.06 22:52:00
- I've never really cared to debate the "remove local" agenda, but this has me curious. Exactly how d ...2010.10.06 19:53:00
- Barring a revert to the days when cruise missiles were an acceptable and effective source of dps in ...2010.10.06 19:39:00
- Realistically your looking at 15-20 million isk per hour. A meta-4 fit drake can make 10-13 mil and ...2010.10.06 17:02:00
- This has been one of the problems the Amarr Militia has always had or at least the year plus that ...2010.10.06 16:46:00
- I long for the day I can take a Ferox on roam without "lulz" being the prime motivator. ...2010.10.06 16:36:00
- They gravitate to vets because it's a source of information they may not be able to find themselves. ...2010.10.06 16:08:00
- I'm similarly skeptical. The first week I played I was picked up by a rookie "help" and sent to min ...2010.10.06 03:06:00
- Edited by: Irae Ragwan on 06/10/2010 03:07:23 derp, double post ...2010.10.06 02:53:00

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