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- She is a 2003 - 2004 player, heh.They've changed a lot of things. Train up the Astrometrics-related ...2010.02.03 23:21:00
- Also, a cyno alt who's just opened a cyno cannot move for 10 minutes (?), which may be why it didn't ...2008.11.18 15:14:00
- Yes. ...2008.11.13 23:39:00
- As far as I know, when the guy who made EFT has a new version, he will post it here.2.8.1 is the pre ...2008.11.13 23:30:00
- The client has a lot of issues maintaining synchronization to the server, since the patch. Jumping ...2008.11.13 23:28:00
- Edited by: Letouk Mernel on 12/11/2008 21:36:29 wtf is a nerf? and how did this go from a type of b ...2008.11.12 21:34:00
- They have been implemented stupidly.First of all, the prerequisites for a lot of the certs don't mat ...2008.11.12 15:57:00
- Yup, it's a tracking issue related to the size of the target. 425 rails are the biggest battleship ...2008.11.12 14:52:00
- yes ...2008.11.12 02:28:00
- He's not asking for ISK to be sent to him, just an empty in-game mail, so, shrug, it's his 10 millio ...2008.11.10 19:57:00
- Oops.In-game links: You type whatever your sentence is into the chat box, including character names ...2008.11.08 23:22:00
- You must have Starbase Management rights under the corporation that anchored the tower in order to u ...2008.11.08 22:11:00
- The process of changing your avatar involves creating a new character with the look you want, and th ...2008.11.08 22:09:00
- 1. Obviously when both of you are in a fleet, the NPC bounties of whatever you kill get shared betw ...2008.11.08 21:16:00
- The basics are:You open the overview settings, you select or deselect whatever you want, then you SA ...2008.11.08 21:03:00

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