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- That is a good post. I'm with Pipex and resubbed with Eve yesterday. I can't get in using port 26000 ...2008.01.14 21:17:00
- Appretiate that response Pann. Tals ...2003.07.11 20:31:00
- I've been playing Eve for almost 2 months now. I have been enjoying it a lot but my interest has sta ...2003.07.10 05:34:00
- Yep AFK per channel would be useful. A warning could indicate that public channels coul dbe dangerou ...2003.06.30 22:21:00
- An AFK per channel would be perfect. For the worried it could have a warning that setting it in the ...2003.06.30 22:16:00
- I have a load of items on market that are not selling. In an ideal world I just want to amend the pr ...2003.06.29 07:17:00
- Evedude is quite useful for clearing cache painlessly and other Eve stuff. ...2003.06.28 05:53:00
- 36 :) Good to see the age range is quite spread out. ...2003.06.25 18:08:00
- The way the game is going at the moment i'm staying :) ...2003.06.14 18:38:00
- OK I invite someone to conversation that works as before. But how do I invite others into the conver ...2003.06.14 06:34:00
- Because of the nature of the game would be very useful to have an AFK flag. Either a cross through p ...2003.06.11 17:53:00
- Was that the US Or UK. UK one gave a nice review would be interested in US review. ...2003.06.11 04:22:00
- Maybe a way round this would be to have massive jump gates positioned around the areas that would ju ...2003.06.11 03:55:00
- Agreed Calculator and notepad (with ability to memorise would be very sweet.Good idea!Tals ...2003.06.08 10:31:00
- I quite like loaning money, strange but true, but would be nice if it coul dbe done through a formal ...2003.06.08 10:29:00

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