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- EULA gonna EULA.Get back to me when you won't compare people's frustrations, as a paying customer to ...2011.06.26 22:48:00
- ...We're not goddamn prisoners, we're customers. Your argument is fatally flawed at best. ...2011.06.26 22:35:00
- /me sets up a wind turbine to harness all the hot air to sell back to the local grid. ...2011.06.01 03:40:00
- Its the required 2-5 pages of blathering between fights. Haven't you read the rules? ...2011.05.19 22:20:00
- Edited by: Gorion Wassenar on 19/05/2011 20:02:32 I even posted them a helpful flowchart. ...2011.05.19 20:02:00
-'s not like we all have a secret club with a hidden tree fort.Well, now your DEFINITELY not ge ...2011.05.18 22:46:00
- Especially ones I'm involved with. This whole imbroglio is quite amusing. ...2011.05.18 19:51:00
- Love all the "THE SKY IS FALLING! AHHHHHHHHHH!" null bears tears. ...2011.05.11 00:45:00
- Good folk. They get the job done.And have Starsi! ...2011.05.04 03:07:00
- We aren't called Market Kapelle for nothing! ...2011.03.30 17:03:00
- I am, if anything, extremely patient. And judging by the statements of this thread's originator I th ...2011.03.30 16:49:00
- I think reading anything you've posted already fits that category. Besides, I'm a seller not a buyer ...2011.03.30 16:38:00
- I have some great prayer rugs and kneepads for sale. ...2011.03.30 16:12:00
- So, instead of giving your followers the easiest access to your "promised land" you place at the foo ...2011.01.24 04:35:00
- Princes are merely kings waiting for their turn and there are oh so many princes these days....But t ...2011.01.23 21:24:00

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