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- not a troll- and not a t3 lossif you havent been podded in hed-gp within the last week and a half th ...2011.08.11 01:48:00
- myself and one other reported sp loss after being podded out of that sys, keep an eye outof course ...2011.08.09 15:32:00
- holy crap guys no wonder people want a mint for their toonsthis guy wasn't even selling and you were ...2011.07.24 03:47:00
- I just had a thought, while typing this... if you put a rocket launcher with defenders on a cane w ...2011.07.19 20:27:00
- Caldari ships have a little less dps than other races, often due to the above said Maybe paper dp ...2011.07.19 20:19:00
- Hey all.Me and my corpmates (mostly miners and industrialists, the rest are mission-runners) have be ...2011.07.06 03:17:00
- yeah was pretty annoying but whatever he's got a connect to pl, obviouslydoes anyone really care if ...2011.06.19 16:01:00
- 534 dps including drones:7x Heavy Missile Launcher II (Scourge Fury Heavy Missile)2x Invulnerability ...2011.05.31 20:35:00
- ...These would be your pve be your mid points and desto cyno in that last low sec system l ...2011.05.31 16:51:00
- Yeah def gl with the rl crap happens to everyone.As far as the missioner, I'd stick with domi if you ...2011.05.31 16:45:00
- do not leave will/percep before training AWU to 5.I did it and very glad I did, although that means ...2011.05.31 16:39:00
- yo he tink uh sensor boostah is uh passive module know what im sayin?Sorry no I dont know what your ...2011.05.31 16:33:00
- idktheres something wrong with the damn raven and the tengu imoA battleship with half the tank of th ...2011.05.31 16:07:00
- mining is going the way of an active trade- not that I'm a miner but I endorse this as it paves the ...2011.05.31 15:56:00
- confirmed.Many, many times I've had to minimize and bring the overview back up again because the ove ...2011.05.31 15:50:00

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