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- There are lots of fast hard hitting BC fits out ther the cane is the best knowen but far from the on ...2010.12.06 20:00:00
- CCP cant fix TBS. Its up to the rest of us to correct this. Perosnaly If ccp was to do anythign I sa ...2010.10.17 21:46:00
- Find a corp or alliance a lone pirate is a dead pirate. They will get you started if they sound like ...2010.10.17 21:34:00
- You need to decide what kind of pirate you wanna be. You can be a greifer or a outright pirate. Grei ...2010.10.17 21:27:00
- Any tech 3. Anti interdiction modual and covert ops cloak what more do you want. ...2010.10.17 21:21:00
- I once tackled a tempest in my battle hardened Ibis. On a station and got instantly poped by gate gu ...2010.10.16 16:48:00
- This whole thread just goes to show its populated by new players who do not understand the role of a ...2010.09.19 04:27:00
- I have noticed a lot of confusion about PvP vs PvE so let me break it down.Pvp is kind of like a rap ...2010.09.19 04:00:00
- I have been hating on eve uni. I wanted to know if there where any other corps or alliances that wou ...2010.09.11 20:06:00
- I would say this thing should be able to handle Jita with out too much issue. I figure its a quad co ...2010.08.26 01:52:00
- There gonna hot drop us. ...2010.07.31 00:19:00

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