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- need to build more titans!!! ...2009.09.27 13:38:00
- If that turns out to be accurate, best of luck in your defense KIA.It is accurate and absolutely t ...2009.09.26 22:31:00
- The evac also begins shortly after DT tomorrow ...2009.09.26 19:52:00
- what happen? eddz get lock-jaw and couldnt keep up what was expected from him? i guess u smoke enuf ...2009.09.26 19:01:00
- I been looking everywhere. Where can i find Mankriks wife? ...2009.09.26 16:35:00
- ...These changes will simply make small entities in 0.0 obsolete. You'll never ever see a small capi ...2009.09.21 09:08:00
- Or a copy and paste from the thread about youtube coverage.then use the quote fuction or at least qu ...2009.09.20 17:39:00
- Sorry I need to get some sleep at some point, and my equipment is all repurposed for the live stream ...2009.09.20 17:33:00
- It can't die...sandbox meets dev spade of can die. some dev said so or something i herd. And ...2009.09.19 20:14:00
- need moooar dps! ...2009.09.19 20:07:00
- Edited by: CONVlCTED on 19/09/2009 19:37:17 ...2009.09.19 19:37:00
- Edited by: Prof Fail on 19/09/2009 16:33:02 In my opinion the cost to the individual pilot is simpl ...2009.09.19 16:46:00
- I didn't ask to revert it and it's not the point of this thread (even if I would like the timer to b ...2009.09.19 15:15:00
- Giant Hauler, mobile bridge and single shot big boy simply isnt enough for a ship that costs 50 bill ...2009.09.19 15:00:00
- Don't lower skill requirements, at least for Cloaking and Thermodynamics. yes please. These are b ...2009.09.18 13:46:00

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