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- ex Xetic immensea commander survivor here from when ca attacked immensea, high five anyone? anyone?I ...2008.07.07 14:50:00
- You're too serious TWD.When are you going to retire and come mine with me again like the good old ti ...2008.05.15 03:19:00
- Can't believe I've played this game for 5 years now.I have fond memories of the Collective of old. ...2008.05.06 04:04:00
- this moths score for coalition is: - lost some 45 caps - won 1 system (soon) - lost 1 systemmissi ...2007.09.23 04:15:00
- Ah...finally! I'll get the diplomatic dept going again! c XETIC DIPLOMAT c Because we want t ...2007.07.06 15:37:00
- I used to have respect for atuk, you pretty much eneded it.More respect than I ever had. I remember ...2007.04.06 15:10:00
- Some truth here. This coalition will be picked apart one by one if they don't bind in their common ...2007.03.12 15:43:00
- Lets hope that Gek and CLS wake up and feel the same way about CoRM. We have no desire to continue t ...2007.03.12 12:03:00
- I loved the DSA chest beating post. What happened to them since the stations are gone? ...2007.03.06 05:24:00
- The fact that they are living in bob space makes their statement "we fight bob if the offer is right ...2007.02.28 08:23:00
- That post discussing hardware acceleration in these forums fixed it for me. Its however a pain to h ...2007.02.07 11:17:00
- Edited by: Primer Xenius on 04/02/2007 06:14:29 Check with your ISP before you blame EVE.Man, such ...2007.02.04 06:18:00
- I have a similar issue. Pre patch, I could run 3 clients no problem. Now, I have trouble loading u ...2007.02.04 06:14:00
- If you play to pvp, this is the corp for you! ...2007.01.13 23:57:00
- Can people lower their dignity any further by sell out as BOB's slave corps/alliances? This entire ...2007.01.08 05:30:00

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