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- Title says it all, well okay no it doesn't.The Bleeding Heart Cult is looking for people to shoot. ...2008.03.09 18:15:00
- What about wayyy back when people put Tachs on every BS? Remember camping JIP's?Moo camping the Ma ...2008.03.07 02:09:00
- All the best to both of you.Here's wishing you happiness and plentiful targets. ...2007.11.28 15:51:00
- However, all SF pilots provide their own gear. Providing for your self is one of the core beliefs ...2007.01.10 16:52:00
- I would like to apply for someone else if I might.Name: Aria Jenneth Race: Caldari Reason: She see ...2007.01.09 21:38:00
- Edited by: Aria Jenneth on 09/01/2007 20:19:51 Oh, they're not pointless or random. Optimistic to t ...2007.01.09 21:30:00
- Hey Gor, there is no shame in surrendering, especially when your allies have deserted you and your e ...2007.01.09 21:24:00
- I am a victim of the Star Fraction. Two days ago ago I was flying in my Hoarder in Hakonen and was a ...2007.01.06 17:08:00
- Edit; No Nyphur nobody's attacking those two stations. (99% sure) I know you guys aren't because yo ...2007.01.06 15:28:00
- Edited by: Maud Dib on 06/01/2007 15:19:25 Those are exactly the response's i expect. you do nothin ...2007.01.06 14:48:00
- I am worth so much more than 50 Million isk. ...2007.01.02 13:43:00
- Perhaps this subject might best be left to the Lady of Bloodveil's discretion. ...2006.12.30 01:33:00
- Let joy increase. ...2006.12.29 13:52:00
- Name: Maud Dib Race: Caldari Occupation: Free Captain Likes: Travel, intrigue, real beauty, wails ...2006.12.26 15:18:00

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