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- so let me get this straight... missile users now have to web and paint a target to do equivalent da ...2008.11.14 07:50:00
- (GOAT)Galatic Ofensive Aginst Terror ...2008.09.23 20:44:00
- It's fine the way it is. Many a inty pilot has fallen to me in this ship. Say what you want, maybe t ...2008.09.08 01:09:00
- Who cares what Lv4's are doing. Just go do what you want and this is comming from some one lives in ...2008.08.23 19:23:00
- Edited by: Max Warg on 06/08/2008 11:19:37 Those who choses to play the criminal will finally be tr ...2008.08.06 11:18:00
- Edited by: Max Warg on 09/02/2008 23:16:36 This reminds me of another issue that was warp core stab ...2008.02.09 23:12:00
- Just arrived here DEC 2nd. Any one here play EVE? ...2007.12.25 11:49:00
- So i've herd a good reason or 2 for having logg out timer, but no good one for not having one. W ...2007.06.30 16:49:00
- 3x Heavy Launchers 2x 280mm Art1x Target Painter 1x Web 1x 20k Scram 1x (insert any thing) MW ...2007.03.16 03:08:00
- Because you get a rate of fire incresse with a explosion radius penalty (smaller explosion). So high ...2006.12.31 15:09:00
- I personely belive this is a heavy handed nerf. In the whole scheam of things the scrambler VS stabs ...2006.11.30 04:42:00
- and so you proove our point, switch em for thermal and give us a only explosive tech2 crystalLike ...2006.06.17 02:18:00
- OMFG you pepole have way to much time on your hands. ...2005.10.21 21:48:00
- NO, is't called roll playing. ...2005.10.21 06:15:00
- Stop your scaring the recruits : ...2005.05.18 06:18:00

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