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- Operation Our Logs Show Nothing ...2010.12.16 16:12:00
- Previous to the 1.0.1 release I had a remap already available and unused.Does the Free Remap in 1.0. ...2010.12.15 17:39:00
- Came expecting some epic thread regarding botting.Left with standard RMT/buy Plex drivel.NOW COMPLET ...2010.12.13 17:04:00
- I've reported botters many times. Months ago. They are still here.nuff saidbtw can anyone link me a ...2010.12.13 16:52:00
- Edited by: Infinity Ziona on 13/12/2010 16:32:26 AFK cloaking is griefing and it should be banned.H ...2010.12.13 16:33:00
- Aside from the obvious being able to WASD around...Why? What ability are you trying to add? What pro ...2010.12.13 16:27:00
- OK so I can understand the AFK cloaking's benefits but why is it valid by the game rules to use a ga ...2010.12.12 15:41:00
- we definitely need unholy rage II, III, and IV!Screw it... how about a neverending unholy rage! ...2010.12.11 15:55:00
- It is a ship designed for Salvaging unarmed wrecks.Not a re-purposed BC which was originally designe ...2010.12.09 15:45:00
- The exact numbers you propose might not be perfect.I do like the idea though.So much that I was thin ...2010.12.05 17:44:00
- supported!Also keep on escalating the GM Petition while referring to that link. ...2010.12.05 17:40:00
- As often as this comes up I say...1 We give it to them. 2 Have an option to turn it off 3 Instantl ...2010.12.04 15:10:00
- This idea is fresh and new... owait!Not supported1) See approximately 230239 threads regarding topic ...2010.12.03 16:35:00
- Any input and opinions would be greatly appreciated.Why did you even bother? CCP made it quite clear ...2010.12.02 20:28:00
- ...2010.12.02 17:01:00

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