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- I am willing to put down a million isk that Nikita Alterana is suffering from psychosis as the resul ...2009.03.14 10:57:00
- As an Amarrian, I find this message to be repulsive. ...2009.03.14 10:10:00
- Edited by: Arelius Sarum on 27/01/2009 10:13:10 Ever since I joined, my AIDS was cured and my **** ...2009.01.27 10:12:00
- My notice to slaves:You shall be happy with the minimum wage or find yourselvs another job. ...2008.10.28 00:23:00
- Yes great speech and all, but can I have my noodle soup now? It's been 10 minutes since I placed ord ...2008.10.28 00:09:00
- A new pod pilot comes on to Galnet and complains about having corp assets stolen. Right afterwards t ...2008.10.13 06:38:00
- LOLCounter Strike + EVE = Win ...2008.10.12 20:03:00
- So you got camped at a gate and gave a failed attempt to attribute it to PIE. Now you declare your v ...2008.10.12 17:12:00
- Perhaps the slow response by our fleets was due to the difficulties of mobilization. However, it sti ...2008.10.10 06:10:00
- Individual Sarum instead of looking at Amarr I suggest looking at Tribute. Do you not see the forces ...2008.10.10 04:54:00
- Edited by: Arelius Sarum on 10/10/2008 04:12:03 I personally counted at least 10 Avatars, dozens of ...2008.10.10 04:06:00
- My guidline for keeping slaves:- Pay them the minimum wage and they can go worry about their own acc ...2008.10.06 04:55:00
- My experience is that they last about 4000 shots. ...2008.10.06 04:35:00
- Well I guess it's useless to protest the suspecious circumstances of her return much for P ...2008.10.03 22:39:00
- And wouldn't those subjects be subjects of Empire Proportion and already analyzed by Empire Officers ...2008.09.26 18:45:00

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