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- Can someone else pick up the project and update...even resell it since it has been abandoned? ...2008.04.08 21:39:00
- Edited by: Anazeteo Euphoria on 21/11/2007 19:31:17 Thanks for the responses. I checked impounded i ...2007.11.21 15:52:00
- Edited by: Anazeteo Euphoria on 18/11/2007 18:36:12 Many thanks, I'll wait for the GM.I wish the re ...2007.11.18 18:36:00
- I'm using a POS to do research. I had the BPOs in corp hangar. After research was complete, I clicke ...2007.11.18 16:26:00
- Now all we need is out of game functionality and someone might use EVE voice >.>Agreed. Most players ...2007.10.31 21:21:00
- I think the changes are positive. I like the idea in the second blog of still allowing all/full curr ...2007.10.31 21:10:00
- A lot of companies either don't notice or fail to take proper action when they do notice exploiting ...2007.10.20 14:10:00
- Here are my thoughts.I see where you're coming from, but also you're a pirate looking to prey on min ...2007.10.18 04:02:00
- Excellent service!Everything went very smooth. Thanks again! ...2007.09.28 02:38:00

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